Eric Reinecke

About Eric

Broad Skillset, Specific Results

With experience including on-set PA work, running post sessions, optics metrology automation and CG pipeline automation, Eric merges art with science. Whether it is discussing the optical profile of stereo glasses or talking about lighting and camera moves, Eric is able to factor his collective experience together to create a dynamite product.

A Step Ahead

Building solutions isn't about just solving the immediate need, it's also about paving the way for the next one. When developing a solution Eric balances today's needs with tomorrow's and anticipates the next thing users will want. When asked "What if we could...?" Eric strives to reply "That's a great idea! Here's how you can do it now!"

Service With A Smile

When people are happy, they work better. Eric truly enjoys creating solutions that make lives easier. This enthusiasm permeates his work completely. He hopes that people will not only get the results they expect, but always have a pleasant experience having created something remarkable together.

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